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bullet What are the setup fees and monthly costs involved?
Alhajjan™ charges a one time setup fee ranging from $9.95 to $49.95, depending on the size and type of webhosting package ordered. Monthly fees for service range from $9.95 to $129.95. The full rate charts for available hosting packages are shown on the Web Hosting pages.
bullet How do I set up my email?
Alhajjan™ web hosting clients can set up POP Accounts, Forwarders/Aliases, & Auto-Responders in the Web Browser Control Panel that comes with every Alhajjan™ web hosting package. This can be done by yourself, and without any assistance from the Alhajjan™ staff.
bullet How do I upload my files?
All Alhajjan™ web hosting packages allow the usage of FTP, Telnet, SSH, File Manager, MS FrontPage™, and other web development publishing programs, to upload files to your website.
bullet Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee?
Alhajjan™ offers a full 14 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are not happy for any reason, cancel your Alhajjan™ service within 30 days of signup and your full setup fee and monthly costs will be refunded. The only exception to a refund, is if you violate Alhajjan™ Terms of Service(TOS). Violations of the TOS usually are due to spamming, hacking, and illegal content.
bullet How fast are websites set up?
Alhajjan™ strives for a setup time of no more than 12 hours per order. If an order is placed during normal business day hours, orders may be processed in only a few minutes. If an order is placed in the middle of a night, when the least amount of staff is on-site, orders may take slightly longer to process. Alhajjan™ is currently working on an order processing system that will allow for instant setups.
bullet Does my website get a control panel?
Yes. Every Alhajjan™ web hosting package comes with a web browser based control panel. The control panel includes many features including; email configurations, chat rooms, mailing lists, pre-installed cgi scripts, databases, chat rooms, and much, much, more...
bullet How am I billed?
Alhajjan™ invoices you via email. You can request a monthly statement via email as well, at any time. Hard copy invoices can be mailed for those resellers that request such. You will receive an invoice for each service/account order every month on the same day the service was ordered (if it is a monthly sevice). Special arrangements can be made for custom billing requirements. Alhajjan™ accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bank Wire Transfers, Western Union, Company Checks, Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Cash. You can opt to not have your credit card charged every month, until you specifically submit a payment form each month.
bullet How much assistance do you provide for my website?
Alhajjan™ will assist you with all support for services provided directly thru Alhajjan™. Alhajjan™ will help you with basic settings for your email software and ftp client, as well as assist you with using the web browser control panel. Alhajjan™ is not responsible for teaching you how to use another company's products. Example: Alhajjan™ will assist you with the settings for using MS Frontpage™, but we will not teach you how to actually use the product itself. You need to contact the software maker in such a situation, who provides tech support for how to use their product. Alhajjan™ cannot even attempt to support all the thousands of software products on the market. Alhajjan™ will attempt to provide some tech support for the most popular programs our clients use. Alhajjan™ is not responsible for assisting with your own programs and cgi scripts. If you choose to install your own programs and cgi scripts on your site, you are responsible fully for installing them. Alhajjan™ will provide support for any program or cgi script that we provide pre-installed with your web hosting package. Alhajjan™ is not responsible for designing, nor developing, your website, including HTML and/or images. Alhajjan™ will attempt to give a quick look at your design/development problem, and offer a suggestion if it is a small issue. Anything complicated relating to design/development is not the responsibility of Alhajjan™.
bullet What if the hardware fails?
Alhajjan™ stocks replacement parts for all servers. Alhajjan™ is always building new servers for our shared hosting clients, as well as our dedicated server clients, so a full inventory of parts is maintained. Hardware failures are uncommon, but they do happen, and are a part of the hosting business. Alhajjan™ repairs all failed hardware promptly, to minimize any downtime caused by such.
bullet Are there any hidden costs?
No. All costs are stated plainly on our website. We do not hide fees in fineprint, or in our terms of service pages. The only costs that are commonly found to occur beyond your expected flat monthly rates per service, are those due to increased disk space or bandwidth usage. Pricing for such is plainly stated on our website. Alhajjan™ very often will allow you to upgrade your packages to the next size up, should you see an increase in disk space levels or bandwidth usage for the current month, and not want to pay for such additional usage. Disk space usage and availablility, as well as estimated bandwidth usage, is available to you in the majority of the control panel versions included with the hosting packages.
bullet What is Cpanel™? Do you have a Demo?
CPanel™ is the brand name of the web browser control panel software that Alhajjan™ utilizes on its web hosting packages. A demo of the control panel can be found here.
bullet What happens if I decide to leave Alhajjan™
You are free to leave at any time. Your Alhajjan™ services are on a month to month basis, without any required contract. All advance payments will be refunded if you decide to leave.
bullet Is there a discount if I pre-pay for several months in advance?
Alhajjan™ offers 2 months free for all yearly advanced payments. Pay for 10 months of service, and receive 2 months free.
bullet Does my website have their own IP number or is it shared?
This depends on the type of hosting packages you order. Traditionally all Alhajjan™ hosting packages come with a dedicated IP address. The exception to this is the "Mini" packages, that are budget minded, and use shared IPs. Alhajjan™ dedicated servers have the ability to utilize IP based, or IPless, virtual hosting configurations.
bullet What type of support do you offer? Average Response Time?
Alhajjan™ offers support to our resellers 24/7/365 via web based ticket system, email, ICQ & AOL Instant Messenger. A mobile number is also available for dedicated server clientele. We strive for response times of no more than a few hours. Response times of just a few minutes are quite common during normal business hours. Alhajjan™ has recently implemented a web based support ticket system, which integrates all incoming support email into it. The ticket system tracks support inquires by "time waiting" for reponse from the support dept. The Alhajjan™ administration carefully monitors that the Alhajjan™ support staff maintains a fast response time, with courteous and helpful service.
bullet What are the hardware specs of the servers?
Every server at Alhajjan™ has different specifications. Whenever a server reaches what we feel to be the limit, another server is built. Alhajjan™ is constantly upgrading the server hardware on our network. If more drive space, memory, or faster processors are needed, they are added in at that time. The average shared server is a dual processor system, with 512-1024MB RAM, and 160mbps SCSI hard drive(s). All Alhajjan™ servers run spare hard drives for backup requirements.
bullet Can I have adult content on my website?
Alhajjan™ does not host adult sites. As a Alhajjan™ reseller, you are able to sell both Alhajjan™ & Un Restricted services. You only pay once to enter the Alhajjan™ reseller program, and have access to sell both services.
bullet May I view your Terms Of Service?
The Alhajjan™ terms of service (TOS), including policy and service guidelines, are available online at: .
bullet Do you support International domain names and clients?
Alhajjan™ can host all international domains on its servers. Alhajjan™ can accept foreign clientele, just please be advised that all correspondance must be conducted in English or Arabic. The client is responsible for handling the registration process of foreign domain name(s). This must be pointed to nameservers on the Alhajjan™ network as assigned, or you can use other nameservers and route the domain name to the IP address you are assigned. Alhajjan™ cannot handle the foreign domain registration process for you, due to the fact that we do not speak all of the potential foreign languages that may be involved. Alhajjan™ will assist you however, with any technical information need to accomplish this.
bullet How do I transfer my domain name?
Alhajjan™ will attempt to file the necessary electronic forms for your domain name transfer with InterNIC. If Alhajjan™ is unable to file such with your specific domain name registrar, Alhajjan™ will send you instructions on how to do such yourself, including all necessary technical details. Clients may opt to not have Alhajjan™ handle the domain name transfer, or to delay doing such, as an option on the web hosting order form required for signup.
bullet What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policy" rules?
Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if extreme, or second time offenders, sites may be cancelled. Each occurance is dealt with on a case by case basis, and we try to work things out with every client. Notifications will be sent, if Alhajjan™ takes any action on your account.
bullet What if I want to upgrade my website?
You may upgrade or downgrade your Alhajjan™ web hosting package at any time. You will be required to pay the difference in the setup fee for your current plan, and the plan you are upgrading to, should you decide to choose a larger plan. You will then pay the new monthly fee for the new account package that you select. Transfers between operating systems (ie..Linux to Windows NT™) will require a full setup fee to be paid again.
bullet How is my website monitored?
Alhajjan™ maintains internal and external monitoring systems for every server in the Alhajjan™ Data Center. The servers are checked every 5 minutes via network monitoring software. Alhajjan™ monitors uptime as well as individual features and services running on each server. Alhajjan™ staff is notified via alarms, email, screen popups, and paging, if a problem occurs.
bullet What is the uptime?
Alhajjan™ strives to maintain a 99.5% network and server uptime service level. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure, and does not include any scheduled hardware/software upgrades, nor "Acts of God". Our definition of "Act of God" includes; fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, telco fiber issues, backbone peering point issues, hard drive failure (faulty hardware is rare, but cannot be predicted nor avoided), as well as network floods, hacks, and attacks. If Alhajjan™ fails to meet it's 99.5% uptime guarantee, and it is not due to one of the above reasons, partial downtime credits will be made available to each client, upon request, on a case by case basis. Alhajjan™ does not credit a full month's service if we only have 99.4% uptime. This would not be financially healthy for Alhajjan™, and in turn would only negatively affect the service level Alhajjan™ provides to you. "Partial refunds for partial downtime" is our standard policy.
bullet Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
The Alhajjan™ terms of service (TOS), including policy and service guidelines, are available online at:
bullet What is your connectivity to the Internet?
The network is connected via OC-Level fiber connections. For redundancy, Alhajjan™ is currently running BGP4 (border gateway routing protocol) to maintain the speed and uptime. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the other(s). If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic.
bullet Do you have battery backups and generators?
Our Network Operations Center is backed up and protected by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. In a very rare case of utility outages, our auto-start generators start automatically, taking over for the UPS system and supplying all necessary power for our Network Operations Center. UPS Systems provide the power backups, along with generator systems.
bullet What kind of security does the Alhajjan™ Data Center have?
The Alhajjan™ Data Center is a high security facility. Double metal security doors, with interior gating, protect the main entrance to the facility. The windows-less facility has advanced security, fire, temperature, and flood alarms, directly piped into the Security Monitoring Company via phone, cellular, and internet connections. A 23-camera digital video system monitors the interior and exterior of the Data Center. This video system is monitored internally at the facility and externally from the Alhajjan™ Sales/Support office. The video data is recorded live both on and off site, and stored for several months ahead. Visitors cannot gain access into the faclity without employee escort. The physical servers and equipment area is secured from the visitor's area by huge metal doors, as well as metal sheeting and bulletproof glass walls. Armed guards are planned for the future, but not a necessity at this junction.
bullet What about software upgrades?
Alhajjan™ handles all software upgrades/patches on the shared hosting servers. We fully follow all trends in the industry, and monitor all support/bug announcement groups. If a new bug or security vulnerability is found, Alhajjan™ immediately upgrades our systems. Microsoft™ regularly release patches for the Windows™ based systems, and Alhajjan™ auto-updates the Linux systems every night from security patch websites. As new software is released, including new versions of operating systems, Alhajjan™ evaluates the new software. If the software's new version does not have any security issues, or bug problems, the upgrade is implemented.
bullet What if the server my website is on gets hacked or attacked?
Individually hacked websites are rare. If such occurs, usually they are a target for a reason; hate sites, pirated software, etc... Alhajjan™ does not host such websites. If such materal is found on a Alhajjan™ server, it is deleted immediately and the user's account cancelled. Usually the target is the whole server itself. Hackers usually go after a server just to say that "they did", or to use the server to bounce off of to hack something more important. Rarely are any users' files on the server damaged, erased, or modified. For this reason, once a hacker is detected, a server can usually be cleaned up and the hacker locked back out within a matter of hours. At that time the server is restored to full security levels, as if the hack has never occurred. Most hackers get into a system thru valid user accounts. We recommend you use complicated passwords for your account. Alhajjan™ strictly reviews all orders for new clients, to make sure they are legitimate. Unfortunately, some fake orders do get thru the system, and that is one way a hacker can gain initial access. Alhajjan™ runs security checks on the servers daily, so even if a hacker does get in, they are found and dealt with quickly. Most hackers are not malicious, they are just playing or testing their abilities. If an individual attacks the whole Alhajjan™ Data Center, measures are in place to cut off such floods and attacks automatically at the backbone level and the router level. Alhajjan™ also uses firewall technology to fend off most common methods of flooding and attacks to the network.
bullet How is extra bandwidth billed?
Alhajjan™ maintains software on every server and on the switches to monitor individual website usage and server-wide usage. Bandwidth is billed per Gigabyte (GB) over your monthly allocation, rounded up to the nearest Gigabyte. Usually between the 3rd and 5th of the month you will receive your bandwidth overage billing, if applicable, for the preceding month's usage.
bullet What is included in my website package?
Alhajjan™ provides full hardware, software, support, and system administration for your Alhajjan™ shared hosting solution. The software provided includes the operating system, ftp & email software, web server software, and a control panel. Alhajjan™ even includes free e-commerce shopping cart software. Everything you need to conduct business on the Internet, or maintain a personal website, is included in your Alhajjan™ hosting solution. Alhajjan™ will provide basic support on services/software that we provide you with your account. Alhajjan™ does not develop your website for you, nor provide tech support on how to use software products that we do not provide to your directly...even if we do support them. We are always more than willing to help you if we can though with external issues, time permitting...
bullet How many sites are currently running on per server?
Alhajjan™ does not have a set quantity of domains running on each machine. We find that ten domains can utilize more resources than 200 others. Alhajjan™ monitors each server's performance levels and attempts to maintain a low server load average and high cpu availability. As needed, Alhajjan™ will upgrade the hardware, to increase server performance. Individual domains that become to much for the server to handle, and utilize too much server resources, are moved to servers set up specifically for such resource intensive accounts. The only acception to this, are the "Max" hosting packages, which guarantee a maximum of 25 sites per machine.
bullet Can I host more than one domain name per account?
Alhajjan™ charges additional fees for every extra domain name you point to your account. For a domain name that is parked on top of your main domain name, the cost is a $25 one time setup fee. You may use an index.cgi script, to redirect from that domain name to a sub-directory at no additional charge. Alhajjan™ charges a $25 setup fee, and $5.00 monthly for every additional domain name parked to a sub-directory. Each additional domain name parked on top, or to a sub-directory, receives one catch-all email POP account or forwarder for all mail to that domain name. Parked domain names do not receive a control panel of their own. Alhajjan™ usually recommends the very inexpensive "Mini Linux" accounts ($9.95 monthly) instead, due to the fact that they come with their own control panel functionality.
bullet What if I want to upgrade to a dedicated server in the future?
Not a problem. Alhajjan™ will assist you in setting up the site(s) on your dedicated server, and help you transfer all the files over as well. It can be a very simple procedure, with minimal downtime. Alhajjan™ will leave the shared server accounts active while the transfer is occuring, until dns properly clears up, and you are satisfied that your site(s) are functioning perfectly on the new dedicated server.
bullet Why should I choose Alhajjan™ as my webhost?
Simple. Alhajjan™ is one of the oldest web hosting companies in the industry, being founded a decade ago, all the way back on June 1st 1994. With most hosting companies being started in the past 2-3 years, Alhajjan™ has an edge over the competition; Specializing in web hosting since 1996. Alhajjan™ maintains one of the most feature rich hosting packages on the market, so advanced that many hosting companies cannot compete. Alhajjan™ was one of the first hosting companies in the industry to offer technical support via ICQ & AOL Instant Messanger, as well as to offer high bandwidth packages (20GB+ per month) to the general public. Alhajjan™ offers Cpanel™ & WebHostManager™ on it's packages, the premier software in the business. Alhajjan™ offers a 30 day full money back guarantee for new clients that sign you really cannot loose by selecting Alhajjan™. Alhajjan™ has won several awards for providing some of the most complete hosting packages and support levels available.
bullet How do I get started?
Simple! contact us! You will receive details shortly afterwards about how to proceed with your new Alhajjan™ Web Hosting Account!


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