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DW 4000 (StarDuo) - W1 Satellite :


USB Solution

The new Star Duo has been designed primarily for single user connections - the user’s PC can act as a server for other PCs with additional software, but not with the same performance as the Enterprise VSAT product. The single user equipment is known as the DW4000.

 The various Grades of Services for the USB STAR DUO Solution are described in further detail below. These describe the performance to the PC connected directly to the STAR DUO only. The end user may connect other devices to this PC, for example using Windows 2000 Internet Connection Sharing, the performance to the connected devices is at their risk.

DW 4000 / StarDuo



Hardware-W1 Satellite - M/East - North / East Africa MAPS

ID Code

Product Description



Dish 74 cm, mount, arms, head unit, DW6000 unit, and all connectors


DW400089 Dish 89 cm, mount, arms, head unit, DW6000 unit, and all connectors


  • Cable and fixing bracket supplied at extra cost.
  • For different dish and / or transmitters please go to
  • No proxy or NAT - Ideal for VOIP and Dynamic Porting
  • Dedicated CIR / VNO Bandwidth is a different services per request
  • Shared bandwidth has no guarantee or SLA (only CIR)
  • 3 Months advanced payment + 1 month deposit.
  • 6mths prepay 2wks free - 1yr prepay 1mth free
  • All ISP services including hosting and domain - FREE

    1- EutelSat W1 Services (FAP is applied)


EutelSat W1

All packages come with 1 Public IP addresses

Download Speed Upload Speed

Price Per Month


512   kbps

128 kbps


640   kbps

128 kbps


768  kbps

128 kbps


1024  kbps

128 kbps




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