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LinkStar - Sesat-II Satellite :


Viasat Two Way Satelite System complete with Dish, Feed, Filter, Two Watt Transmitter and indoor unit.
Latest technology fully compliant DVB RCS system with integral router and subnet provided depending on bandwidth chosen. The latency on these units is consistent under load, making them more suitable for VOIP services, customers can also upgrade from low cost Home bandwidth to 1M/4M CIR without changing equipment. Additional items such as cable and mounts can be found in 'Components'

Linkstar DVB RCS


Hardware - Sesat-II Satellite Covers Central Asia MAPS

ID Code

Product Description



Linkstar 1.2 m Dish including LNB, Feed, OMT, Filter, Indoor router and 2 Watt transmitter



Linkstar 1.8 m Dish including LNB, Feed, OMT, Filter, Indoor router and 2 Watt transmitter


  • Extra charges for shipping (UK or Dubai FOB System Price)
  • Public IP can be provided (Monthly charge)  
  • Dedicated CIR / VNO Bandwidth is a different services per request
  • Grade of Services (GoS) is applied for all packages
  • 3 Months advanced payment
  • 6mths prepay 2wks free - 1yr prepay 1mth free
  • All services including hosting and domain per request - FREE

    1- Home Services

Home Services

Download Speed Upload Speed

Price Per Month

All packages come with 5 private IP addresses (20:1)
1024  kbps 128  kbps $407
* Grade of Service (GoS) is applied for the all the LinkStar on Sesat 2 services to accurate performance levels on all subscription packages.



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