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  • Receiver Devices and Remote requirements
    Alhajjan Broadband Internet System technology uses specially designed receiver devices that receive information directly from the satellite broadband network and convert the broadband signal into data which the PC understands. These receiver devices can receive data at a rate of up to 54 megabits per second and can operate in a single or multi-channel mode. Alhajjan provides a wide range of receiver devices making the service available Consumer Edition and Business Edition subscribers. Satellite Receiver Card- Individuals (Internal); Networking Products (LAN & Wireless).

  • Internal PCI card for Consumer and Business Edition

Rates up to 1 Mbps
  Dynamic IP or Static IP
  Drivers supporting Linux & Windows 95,98,2000,Me,XP and NT.
  High-speed reception of up to 4.8Mbps best supports DVB/MPE, MPEG 1, 2 & 4-compliant
  Easy self-installation / Cost-effective solution


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